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A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Retail Signages


A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Retail Signages
Retail signage is an absolute must-have for businesses of all types and sizes. With eye-catching colours and compelling design, this is an effective tool to increase your visibility. It drives foot traffic into your store, captures the attention of your customers and influences their purchasing power to your advantage.

While outdoor retail signage with your business name is essential, it is important to note that there are other types of retail signage that your store can greatly benefit from. These include the following:

Directional retail signage

Directional or informational signage aims to provide clear instructions to customers and clients. This could be retail signage with information referring to the location of specific departments, offices or car parks. This type of retail signage should be printed clearly with large fonts so customers can see and understand them easily.

Persuasive retail signage

The ultimate goal of persuasive retail signage is to attract the attention of customers and make them feel excited about items on sale, a limited-time offer or a new dish on the menu. The big, red SALE signs you see in shopping centres, as well as the creative window graphics in coffee shops, restaurants and other establishments are examples of persuasive retail signage. Remember that this should be visually appealing to your target audience.

Required health and safety signs

There is government-mandated retail signage that ensures the health and safety of both customers and businesses. In the UK, these are grouped into three categories, red safety signs, blue and white safety signs and green safety signs. Each health and safety signs has a different meaning.

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