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How To Create A Compelling Retail Signage?


How To Create A Compelling Retail Signage?Experts say that having a well-defined marketing strategy can increase store traffic and grow retail sales. Whilst there is a range of new advertising options that can be tapped, old-fashioned retail signage can still do a great job in attracting customers. If you want to make a compelling sign that can capture your customers’ interest and motivate them to support your business, take note of the following tips.

Have a clear and concise message

With the fast-paced world we are living in, attention spans are getting shorter than ever. As customers are always in a hurry, you need to create a sign that is short and crisp. Keep your sign simple and easy to identify. Put just the right amount of words, enough to pique your customers’ curiosity.


When designing retail signage, it is important to consider the colour, font style and size that you will use. Make sure that the colour will reflect your brand’s identity. Trendy colours are great but longevity must be considered when designing a static sign. A black background works well with any coloured text as it can make the lettering stand out. Red is a powerful colour that is noticeable in a visually crowded environment. Silver offers a stylish look and feel. In addition to this, your font style and size should also be readable at a significant distance. Avoid using complicated styles as this can discourage consumers from reading your sign.

Get personal

The retail world wants you to be more personal when it comes to engaging with customers. As such, ensure that your sign has a conversational tone, as if it is speaking directly to the person reading it. Incorporating words like “you” and “yours” will allow shoppers to visualise themselves using your product and will eventually drive them to pick up something from your store.

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