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Safety Signs and Symbols: How Important Are They

This involves warning of any potential danger, providing essential instructions that must be adhered to and showing emergency exits to use in case the worst should happen. 

Most safety signs are required by law to keep all employees and visitors safe. 

There are four different core types of safety signs that serve different purposes. Let’s dive in to discover the type of health and safety signs and their meanings. 

1. Prohibition signs

These are the red safety signs with a cross through that show which behaviours are completely prohibited. For example, no access or restricted areas. These are important to ensure that no guest can accidentally wanders into an unsafe area. 

2. Warning signs 

These signs are made from yellow triangles with a black border, which shows a potential danger lies ahead. For example, it should show an electricity warning. This ensures that everyone is aware of the potential risks that surround them and can make the best possible actions with these in mind. 

3. Mandatory signs

This is a blue circle sign with a white border. They show what actions and behaviours are mandatory in certain areas, for example, ‘eye protection must be worn’. 

4. Emergency escape or first aid signs 

These green rectangle signs are designed to be recognisable in case of danger or an emergency. They ensure that people know exactly where to go to get themselves and others safe and out of harm’s way. 

Safety signs are essential in helping keep your employees and visitors safe. Need to create your own safety signs for your business? We’re here to help. Simply get in touch to speak to our expert team today about your safety signs in the workplace.

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