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Wrapped coffee machine and tool tray.

wrapped coffee machine

3M are known for their glossy wraps. This blue is a prime example of how you can achieve a ‘freshly painted’ appearance with a good quality wrap. This distinctive blue looks great on this Linea mini coffee machine.

Wrapped coffee machine for Clifton Coffee.

Here we have a stainless steel coffee machine, wrapped in a white gloss Arlon wrap material. Wrapped on site at Clifton Coffee headquarters. We wrap many different items, from cars, vans to coffee machines and bike helmets.

Clifton Coffee branded wrapping

Here our wrapping specialist have used a white and metallic silver wrap with gloss and matt black branding.  Clifton Coffee approached us to give these coffee brewers a renewed appearance, in order to do so we wrapped one in white and another in metallic silver, prior to us doing this they were plain and simple, […]