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CAPRICORN Scaffold Banner

Any design, image or text. A great way to advertise and showcase what services your business has to offer. Banners can also be for occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

TRC Scaffold banners

Printed and manufactured in house. great for advertising your business when working on site Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Wrapped coffee machine and tool tray.

wrapped coffee machine

3M are known for their glossy wraps. This blue is a prime example of how you can achieve a ‘freshly painted’ appearance with a good quality wrap. This distinctive blue looks great on this Linea mini coffee machine.

Wrapped coffee machine for Clifton Coffee.

Here we have a stainless steel coffee machine, wrapped in a white gloss Arlon wrap material. Wrapped on site at Clifton Coffee headquarters. We wrap many different items, from cars, vans to coffee machines and bike helmets.

SAFETY signs

Here we have manufactured this sign using di-bond material. Advantage of using di-bond for our signs. We use many different composite materials day to day but typically this is what we like to use that’s more heavy duty and guaranteed to last.

Clifton Coffee Stand off acrylic lettering

We’ve installed a few of these for Clifton coffee’s office. A sleek way to brand an office or any work space. We manufacture in house and the finished product always really effective when up on the wall!

Wall Graphics for Sustrans

Here we have printed and installed these wall graphics. A really creative and unusual way to make directional signs more fun and attractive to look at. This has really brought character to Sustrans offices.

Scaffold banners

Scaffold banners. One of the best ways to advertise your business, especially when working in different locations. We also do banners for different occasions, heavy duty banners too! Contact us today for a free quote. or drop us an email: Sales@jaysigns.com

Sign Boards


Our sign boards are often a great option for those who want to advertise in public areas. We manufacture our sign boards using Corex, this lightweight material allows you to advertise in various locations without needing heavy duty fixtures to hold the boards in place. Perfect for advertising up and coming events, local businesses and […]

Vehicle Magnets

Here we have some Vehicle magnets, the great thing about these are that you can pick and choose when you want to have them up on your company vehicle. We only use the highest quality materials. When deciding how you want to advertise your business we can help you find what you are after. Contact […]