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All you need to know about safety signs

There are many safety signs in the workplace, and it can be difficult to decide upon the kind of sign that your company needs. We have compiled an overview of the different types of safety signage to make it easier to decide what you require.

Mandatory signs

These signs are the most important because they are required by law, so it is a criminal offence not to have these signs on display. These include ‘fire door’ signs and instructions on how the door ‘must be kept locked shut’.

Fire safety and actions signs

As with other safety signs, these tend to be made of heavy-duty PVC, vinyl or Rigid Di-bond to enable the signs to be mounted. Fire action signs display the plan that should be followed if the alarm signs, providing essential instructions to guide employees or customers to the nearest exit. Fire safety signs indicate where to sound the alarm or may point in the direction of where the fire extinguisher or blanket is located.

Coloured safety signs

Blue, white and red safety signs have a variety of uses. You will probably be familiar with the traditional red sign which indicates ‘no entry’, a blue sign displaying ‘way out’, or a white sign to indicate the location of the car park. These all make it easier for employees and customers to navigate their way around your premises.

Emergency escape signs

Typically coloured green, emergency escape signs show where the nearest fire exit is located, or instruct users how to operate the emergency exit (‘push bar to open’).

Ecig signs

These signs are used to indicate whether smoking is permitted, or what kinds of cigarettes they allow, such as authorising the use of electronic cigarettes. These signs ensure that there is no confusion about where or whether smoking is permitted.

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At Jaysigns, we can supply any kind of safety sign to meet your requirements. Although we are a sign maker based in Bristol, our services are available nationwide, and, we offer a free, no-obligation quotation. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our efficient design service enables you to create the exact sign that you envisaged. Contact us today to find out more about our professional service.

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