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Opal covered vinyl with silver frost

This was a simple glass window,  which we were able to cover with this opal vinyl with silver frosting. This is great for limiting visibility into a building where there is glass windows or doors.  This is the reverse side of the glass, same view as the opposite side.

Gloss white Di-bond tray with concealed wall mount fixings

This is a gloss white Di-bond tray with concealed wall mount fixings.  The logo is a gloss laminate printed wrap.  Projection box illuminated  LED double sided.  This is Fone Fixers internal display cases. The surrounds are made of foamex, with graphic headers.

Powder coated aluminium tray facia

K Nail Bars new look, This is a powder coated aluminium tray facia with acrylic gold stand off lettering. Fabricated and installed by JAY SIGNS.